Men's Jackets
All of our jackets are sized in inches measured across the widest point of the chest and are available in two inch increments in exactly the same way as most suit jackets ie 40”, 42”, 44” etc… If you already know your European size for example for Allstar or Uhlmann then simply subtract 10 from it.

To measure your chest size take a tape measure and measure around the fullest part of your chest while you have a full breath of air. Do not pull the tape measure too tight.

If you do not have a tape measure click here for a printable pdf tape measure that you can cut out and stick together with tape! For a video detailing how to measure yourself click here.

Once you know your chest size in inches order a jacket that is one size up for example if you measure 41” then order a 42” jacket. If you measure just below or exactly on a size eg 42” or 41¾ ” then you should usually go up a size unless you like a tight fit.

To double check that you are the correct height for your chosen chest size use the chart below. Read along the top of the chart to find your chest size and then follow down it to find your height as long as there is a tick in this box you should be fine.

If you would like further details including sizes converted to cm and the actual back waist and sleeve lengths of each size please click here.

   34"UK 44FR 36"UK 46FR 38"UK 48FR 40"UK 50FR 42"UK 52FR 44"UK 54FR 46"UK 56FR 48"UK 58FR 50"UK 60FR 52"UK 62FR
5'2" 157cm
5'4" 162cm
5'6" 167cm
5'8" 172cm
5'10" 177cm
6' 182cm
6'2" 187cm
6'4" 193cm


Please click the link below for video instructions on how to measure your self.